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A brochure in English was distributed among the North american sailors with the most representative premises of the Barcelona night (archive Eugeni Guardiola Santafé). Located at the entrance of Escudillers street, four steps from the Rambla. El Charco de la Pava was a very popular flamenco tavern during the 1940s and 1950s. The interior of the premises had a singular structure since it represented a bullring. Another curious detail was a plate in memory of Manolete located in the exact place that the popular bullfighter had occupied in his last visit to the premises. Fine wines and Andalusian wines were served and popular fat olives very typical and appreciated were the specialty of the house. 


But the history of this place is strongly linked to that of the Catalan rumba. Here El Legañas (Antonio Gonzalez, father) and el Pescailla (Antonio Gonzalez, son, husband of Lola Flores) performed with their guitars the rhythmic pattern, also known as ``the fan``, which defines the Catalan rumba. The father of the Pescailla had arrived in Barcelona at the beginning of the century from Murcia and settled in Gracia, from where every morning he went down to Barceloneta to sell fish, hence his artistic name. Both, father and son, were the animators of the nights in the Charco de la Pava (now Flamenco Las Ramblas).

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